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A nanny may work full-time, part-time and will live inside or out of the home. A nanny will nurture the children as if they were their own. They will plan activities and outings, come up with educational activities to teach them, read, play, etc. The nanny is responsible for both the physical and emotional needs of the children.  A nanny will have at least two years experience in the child care industry.
Average pay: $10-15

Mother's Helpers - Once the mother returns home from the hospital, she may want/need a mother's helper.  Families who will hire a mother's helper will have one stay at home parent. Responsibilities would include helping out with the care of the children to light domestic help.

Fees:  The only upfront fee we have when hiring a permanent nanny / mother's helper is a $150.00 application fee.  Once we receive your registration fee and signed agreement; we will start screening all of our nanny candidates specifically for your wants and needs.  You will only see nanny profiles of candidates that match your criteria.  Once you interview the candidate that you would like to offer your position to, our one time placement fee is due.  The placement fee covers all background checks listed, drug screen and nanny insurance as well as our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.  If you have any questions regarding our fees, please do not hesitate in contacting A+ Nannies of Omaha, Nebraska.

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